Daria Valevskaya - Russian artist
Daria Valevskaya

I am a Russian artist, I don't like politics, I love painting, I value friendship and believe in kindness and love.

My name is Daria Valevskaya, and I invite you to explore the enchanting world of art through my unique paintings. This website serves as a canvas where each piece carries a fragment of my soul, offering a vibrant addition to your living space.
From abstract art to landscapes and still lifes

My painting (A few examples)

On my website you will find a large selection of paintings: from classical Russian painting to modern movements such as surrealism and abstract painting. The artist’s paintings are not only a decoration for your space, but also a real gift for the soul. They can convey emotions, inspiration and create an atmosphere of harmony and joy.

My Painting Directions

Revel in the charm of light and transparent color transitions characteristic of watercolors. Explore this section to discover paintings that invite you into a bright and airy world.
My watercolor
Oil Painting
Oil paints are my tools for creating rich, deep, and expressive works. Here, you can find paintings filled with emotions and the play of light.
My Oil Painting art
Acrylic Painting
Acrylic allows me to play with texture and form, crafting dynamic and contemporary pieces. In this section, you'll find vivid, modern artworks reflecting various aspects of the world around us.
My Acrylic Painting
My miniature works are small masterpieces created with watercolor and acrylic. Each one is a tiny world full of soul and warmth.
My Miniatures
Browse through the paintings in the different sections of the website and discover those that resonate with you. To make a purchase, contact me through your preferred method. We'll discuss the details, agree on payment and delivery terms to ensure your chosen artwork arrives safely to adorn your space.
— How to Purchase
I answer your questions

My painting

As a rule, I do not frame my paintings in mats or frames. This makes it easier to send them by mail. The photo of each painting that you see on the site offers my vision of its design and placement in the interior. Perhaps you will also like it and it will be easier to then order a frame, mat or baguette for your interior. If you want to buy a painting in a decorated version, for example for a gift, I have standard frames and I can choose the right option for you. This can be discussed during the acquisition process.


I try to pack my paintings very carefully before shipping. I use express delivery services. Standard delivery outside Russia usually takes 2-3 weeks. You can send at different rates, which I negotiate with each buyer. Therefore, to calculate the cost of delivery, I definitely need to know your address.

Commissions and orders

If you like my style, you can order a thematic painting from me. The production time for a custom painting is usually 1-3 weeks after receiving the deposit. There is an additional fee for the process. Also, sometimes they order posters of my paintings from me. It's possible - write.


The price of original paintings on the website is indicated in rubles, but you can recalculate based on the exchange rate in your currency.
My phone: +7 913 534 1938
Follow me on social networks, for me it is support and understanding that they like my work and that I am doing the right things. Believe me, this is very inspiring! And of course, thanks to everyone who has already subscribed to me!
Thank you for your interest in my artwork! I hope these paintings become an integral part of your home, bringing beauty and warmth to your surroundings.